Featured Artist: Prolix

Central Coast artist, Prolix, released the project “A Matter of Time” this year in March. This highly anticipated release really lived up to the title. Prior to the release a quality video for the track “Days Like This” was dropped further increasing the anticipation. This project has features from fellow group members, Ziplock Music, as well as other Central Coast artists, and is entirely produced by Ziplock’s very own We Be Digi.



“A Matter Of Time” is @ziplockmusic’s Prolix long awaited debut solo album entirely produced by fellow crew member @WeBeDigi. The project tracks a three year process since his prison release in 2012, and is a collection of explicit emotions, countless experiences and hard gained enlightenment. Combining his west coast mentality with his artistic abilities and emphasis on lyrics & content, Prolix provides a potent dose of dope material for all those rap addicts in search of music with substance.
released 18 March 2015

Album features: Ziplock Music (Digi, Headake, Feo, Sol), Lauren Lum, Wynn, James Kaye, Monstar Musix, Nilo & Profane Remy.

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